It’s getting real in here.. Oh, and meal prep!

So, I have to be completely honest. I started this as an outlet for the recipes I made all the time, and it’s turned into something I really love doing, but it’s also been an outlet for me with my journey through how I truly need to eat. Many of the people who actually follow me on here are probably thinking “Geez, can this girl make up her mind on how she wants to eat already??” but the answer in short… is no. Having an Autoimmune disease is weird y’all. One day, I feel perfectly fine and like I can take on the world. The next day, I feel absolutely terrible and that usually lasts for about a week, and then I feel okay, and then bad again. There’s never a consistent good or normal feeling. It’s really hard when you’re 22, and enjoy being active, yet your in the middle of a workout and you do 1 too many burpees and your out for the week, and hopefully not the rest of the month.  I’m feeling a little lost right now with what is right for me. The last few posts (other than recipes) I’ve said I feel paleo is right and that was the direction I was going, but now I’m feeling like to be a dietitian I can’t eat that way.. and in all honesty I don’t think I’m trusting the Lord in what is best for me. I plan to start that now… so you’ll be seeing a lot of mixed content until I figure out what is going on with my body and what I need, and where the Lord truly wants me to be when I start my career. Each and every one of us is different in the food we need and I don’t think any of us should categorize ourselves, we should just eat what makes us feel our best!

So, bare with me please 😀

Now onto the recipes! After I posted about meal prep, I got a good response asking what I prep and how I prep, so that’s what I’m talking about today!!

Prepping is important to reaching your goals. I usually prep a carb and vegetable and then eat whatever meat we ate for dinner the night before. You could definitely prep some meat while prepping this food at this same time though, I like to do everything that can fit into the oven, because lets be honest, I’m a busy college student, and I need to be studying.. just like most of us are busy and don’t want to be in the kitchen for hours!



Food Prep Recipes

2 sweet potatoes

3 carrots

1 bag of broccoli

  1. First step is to get 3 baking sheets out and line 2 of them with parchment paper
  2. Preheat the oven to 350
  3. Cut everything in small, even pieces and lay onto sheet pan with the parchment. **I usually cut decently big pieces, but if you want everything to cook quicker cut smaller.**
  4. I started with sweet potatoes because those take the longest to cook. I tossed both in Avocado oil (I like Chosen Foods) oil and then I did two different seasonings on the first set I added Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute, marjoram, sage, rosemary, salt and pepper. The second one I added paprika, dried minced garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt and pepper.
  5. Place them in the oven, I like the top rack because I like my sweet potatoes a little burnt.
  6. Next peel the carrots, then cut the carrots in half, then slice them lengthwise.
  7. Place the broccoli and the carrots on the same tray, but half and half.
  8. Toss the carrots in oil, salt, pepper, dried minced garlic, rosemary and sage.
  9. Toss the broccoli in the oil, dried minced garlic, salt and pepper, and some garlic powder.
  10. I set a timer for all of them for 30 minutes and about halfway through, flip the sweet potatoes.
  11. Once everything is brown and crispy take everything out and put in tupperware!

**If you wanted to prep some meat, I usually do bone-in skin on chicken thighs, season with your favorite seasonings and place them in the oven at the same time for about 30min.

Hope you all prep some food and enjoy it all week!!! 🙂

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